Wi-Fi everywhere

I have seen WiFi in airports, hotels, coffee shops (they think it was invented for them) and certain restaurants. However when my phone beeped at me the other day I was surprised to find a public Wi-Fi signal. I was surprised since I was in a supermarket.

As I walked thought the dairy Isle I couldn’t imagine how or why I would need Internet access while picking up a gallon of milk and some cereal, Until I saw file’ powder in the spice isle.  At that point I remembered a Good Eats episode on Gumbo that I wanted to try. Now I remembered the episode just not the recipe. Then I understood why the WiFi was there. I was on Food Network.com in moments and I had my recipe.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/videos/altons-shrimp-gumbo/110115.html

Later on I would find myself going into that supermarket just to get online for a few minutes, but almost every time I would end up walking out with something: lunch from the deli or a hunk of meat that was on sale, a drink something.

In the past if a company  provided WiFi access a was expected to also  provide tables, chairs, and electrical outlets. Now with the wide spread use of smart phones and tablets all many companies need to provide is the connection.

So that got me thinking have any of you found WiFi in a place you didn’t expect? What did you end up doing with it? Is there anyplace you would love to have WiFi access and there is none to be found?

Let me know.

I am Joseph Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves.



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