Is it Tablet Time?

“I am sorry your Nook seems to have a hardware problem” This was the response I got from a Barnes and Noble “representative”  in a chat session trying to troubleshoot my Nook 1st edition. I say “representative” since I am not sure if I was talking to a real person. The responses had a programmed automated feel to them.

Now for me, going to tech support is usually an option of last resort, but in this case I didn’t know if there was something wrong with my nook device or my nook account. It felt like a good place to start to eliminate one or the other.  During the week, my Nook had de-registered itself, not allowing me to see or read my library.  After several hard and soft restarts, and multiple attempts to re-register the device I had no success. Now my nook for all intents and purposes is a paper weight.

So it’s time for a new device, but what device?

I could get another E-reader. Despite my less then helpful experience with nook support. I am a fan of their products, I got my wife the simple touch one last year and the new one with glowlight is affordable and does the job. But what about a tablet? You see, the reason why I never needed a tablet in the past was that between my laptop, Nook, and Android phone I had what I needed to do covered. But now that one of the bricks of my personal network has been pulled maybe it is time to reconsider.

So here are my requirements, now understand I am talking about tablets, not convertibles, not tablet laptops.  Also this is my thought process, yours might be different. Your needs might be different, there is no “one size fits all” in technology.  So you can read though this and use it as a guide, or feel free to tell us your thoughts or experiences.

Size:  7″

One of the biggest function my tablet is going to have is that its going to have to replace my Nook as a reader. Which means for me I need a size that I can hold easily with one hand while with the other make notes, drink coffee, eat a sandwich, or defend myself from zombies. So when buying take the time to go the stores and put a few machines in your hands. It won’t matter how powerful or cool something is if it  is uncomfortable to work with. Also one of the biggest factors in a tablets price is its screen size. So ask yourself “is it worth the extra $100, for an extra 3”?

OS: Android

Since 7 inches is my size of choice that pretty much eliminates Windows 8 tablets. I haven’t heard of any that are in the 7″ range yet.  There is the Ipad mini but that would add a third OS to manage and try to sync. So I am looking at Android.  Now this gives me a wide variety of hardware to chose from. Also I already have an Android phone so I am familiar with the Google Play store and a lot of the apps I would want on my tablet.

Cable: Micro USB

It,s a small thing, but I hate proprietary cables. It might not be a big deal but if it comes down to the unit that uses a standard USB micro port vs something unique I am going to with the one with the micro port. Why? Because I have been in a situations where I need my devices and I can’t find the manufactures charging cord anywhere.  Several of my other devices already use Micro USB for charging and connecting. You can find them at almost any gas station, pharmacy, or office supply store. Also I have enough cables in my bag.  I can’t wait for wireless charging. Cnet did a great article about that btw.

Expandability: Micro SD card slot.

I am not one of those people that replaces his computer or his car, or his wife, or anything every year or few months. I push stuff well past its design limits.  The only problem is that many tablets are built on cellphone technology. As in the manufacture expects you to use it for at most 2 years and then replace it along with a new contract.  So any kind of upgrade I can do to a tablet is going to be welcome, so it needs a Micro SD card slot. Preferably one that is easy to get to. This means I can get the base 8gb or 16gb storage all the way up to 32gb if needed. (if I want to drop the extra cash on SD card itself. )

Price: $140-$200

I know for a lot of people this would be the first think on your list for me it is the last.  Why? Because I don’t want to look at a bunch of ultra cheep hardware and see if I can make it work, I would rather figure out what I need and then weigh it against what it costs.  Like a lot of things in life you get what you pay for, and I would rather spend a lot of money on something that will do the job well rather then spend a little money on something that will do half the job poorly.

Well these are my needs. What are yours? Do you need a big display?  Is an Ipad the only thing you will use.  What about Cameras? Bluetooth, Pen touch input what does your device have that can’t live without?

Let us know and if you need any help finding your perfect device getting it setup or teaching it tricks, Call Lanterns Light LLC we will help you.

photo credit: Earl – What I Saw 2.0 via photopin cc


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