Lets browse!

A lot of people ask me “What browser do you use?”   Most of them seem surprised when I tell them “all of them.”  Well, not all of them but I do use the top three browsers for PCs that are currently available.( ZDNETWeb browser war: The early 2013 report.)

Why? Well  being familiar with all three helps me support my clients,  I do update and manage the company website, www.lanternslight.us(<——shameless plug),  and I want to make sure it looks right on all the browsers,  but mainly it helps me keep my life organized. I use each browser for specific things. I divided my internet usage like this:

Internet Explorer: The office

Internet explorer is what I call my business browser. Mostly because most of my sites for managing my clients, research and vendors were built with IE in mind.  I use also use  several Microsoft sites including SkyDriveTechNet, and Microsoft Virtual Academy. Most large companies optimize their sites, for IE since it’s so prevalent.   Also since most companies run off a Microsoft infrastructure, in part or in full connecting to an internal SharePoint site is just easier with IE.  I also manage my social networking through this since mostly I use it for my business.  

Firefox: The playground

This is what I call my fun browser.  Here I have bookmarks for a series of web comics I read and a few games that I play online.  I do like the way Firefox handles bookmarks, I have a list of about 37 comics, and I just have to hit open in all tabs.  Then I have 37 comics to read with my morning coffee.  Also I do find that FF handles java and other visual elements a bit better then IE or chrome.   Mostly Firefox is where I go when I want to see the fun part of the internet.   Also I do like how it can sync those bookmarks between different computers and devices.  

Chrome: The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

Google Chrome is my browser of choice when I do something that well might get my computer in trouble. Anyone can build a website, anyone  can have a website, so it does pay to be careful.   A big part of my job is dealing with Malware and that sometimes means me going to sites that are “questionable.” You got a link in an email that  you’re not sure where it goes or where it came from.  Instead of just clicking on it and hoping for the best  I will leverage  Chrome’s incognito mode.  I have it setup so it launched by default when I start chrome.   So mostly Chrome is my equivalent of a clean room box. (minus the clear Plexiglas and the alien gloves) .  

Do I ever go onto Facebook with Firefox?  Yes.  do I ever play a game on IE? Yes. These are not hard and fast rules.  But mostly this is how I keep this corner of my digital life organized.  How about you?  Why do you use multiple browsers? Why? Which ones?  Are you a die hard fan of Safari or maybe you prefer Opera.  Let us know.

Also if any of these browsers give you trouble or just want some help getting them installed, configured give us a call.

photo credit: ghz via photopin cc
photo credit: Listener42 via photopin cc
photo credit: Savannah River Site via photopin cc


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