Happy New Year

I am so glad that
I did not throw these away.
So who wants one?

2013 is over. Normally I would try to reflect fondly on the past year, the advances in technology, the projects I have completed and what I have learned.  This past year has been different, and I have never been so happy to put a year behind me.  My last post. “The Last Three Months” Got a great response.

So after some encouragement from friends, family, clients and after watching the Transformers animated movie from 1985 I have decided to re-open Lanterns Light LLC.
So with 2014 were going with a fresh start, and some resolutions from Lanterns Light LLC that I am hopping that you all will help me keep honest about.
1) I want to blog more.  If you look back at my previous posts you will find that there sporadic, (also please do look there is some good stuff in there). Mostly I have gotten hung up on trying to find the perfect words, to make myself sound like a professional, wondering if anyone would find what I was writing interesting or useful.   So for 2014 I am going with the spaghetti approach. I am going to throw it at the wall and see what sticks.  Don’t get me wrong going to keep talking about technology but don’t be surprised if I jump the rails every now and then.

2) To get more social. I mean that both online and in the “Hi I am Joe” shaking hands kind. I do need to do more online besides play DCUO , (Hi Evo, Nightsider and Mindswipe)  and research. There are some extraordinary people in my network and I need to interact with them more. I am guilty of the crime of forgetting people till I need them, so I need to change that. (Also feel free to bug me guys.)

3) Learning. There are some Microsoft certifications I’ve had my eye on for a little while now. Including a Hyper V/System Center one that MS is offering free vouchers for.  With that anyone want to study?

4) To lose some weight but I am NOT talking about my gut. I’m talking about carrying less. I’m talking about a getting rid of some of the tools that I don’t need anymore I’m talking about I’m getting rid of old parts that are just taking up space. (That and my wife wants our garage back.)

5) To finally get the website to place where I am happy with it. Btw your feed back is appreciated. Well most of it anyway  (well most of it,  the ones of you that just pointed and laughed I am going to need a little more)

Well the bottom line is that I am back, I am ready to work.  Who has a busted computer?  What is you machine doing that is driving you up the wall? Let me know you can find me right here.


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