You got an office that’s great, I got 5!

I often tell my clients that my office is where ever I happen to be.  Its true that between my smart phone, free Wi-Fi, and my laptop there are not many places that I can’t get something productive done. (Blessing or Curse). However no matter what you do, you need a place to do it. I have worked off of tail gates, kitchen tables, and one time in a walk in freezer off stacked boxes of french fries. Still I have a few places I regularly go to when I need to get something done.  Now I usually end up at least two of these “Offices” a day.

My home office:

Holy productivity

This is where I usually start my day, around 5:30 or so. Home offices are great, they don’t close, you can work as early or late as you want.  No one minds if you are still in your PJs, that you decided to work with your dumbbells while reading emails. This is perfect till about 8:00am, when the rest of the family is awake. You can close doors, explain to the others that share your roof all you want, but they are not going to get the concept of you being at work when you are home. You are in the house that means you’re there for your kids to ask questions and for your wife to tasks you with errands.  Also after a little while the hum from the atomic pile gets a little annoying.

The Coffee shop:
There is a wonderful coffee shop that I work in all the time. It’s locally owned and the owner likes me, so he  does not mind the time times I spend hours there drinking bottomless coffee and working on things.  This is a perfect place to work, till 3pm, when it closes.  Also since it is a very good coffee shop its often very busy and can get very loud.


I will take the Cuban, the tea and the WiFi please

I know a supermarket is not the first place you think of when you want to find someplace to work. However most Publix here in south FL have started to provide WiFi and their deli section is a great place to sit, have a sandwich and knock out a few things. The biggest draw back is that there is no access to electricity.  Also this is more of a few quick emails and check my Facebook kinda stop rather then lets get that proposal knocked out.

The Library:
Free WiFi, plenty of space to work, electrical outlets galore and glorious quiet.  The library has and always been my best place when I need to get a lot done.  Not want, but rather need.  This is the place where I force myself to really focus. Also, if you need them, there are the other resources that the library provides, printing, copying, and those paper things that we use to read before the internet. (books)  Now there are a few drawbacks, no cell phones, so no client calls.  No food or drink witch can be bad if I need to be there for a good chunk of the day but the biggest draw back is the hours. Due to budget cuts and other factors the library closest to me has some weird hours and is not open on Sundays.

The Bookstore:
I usually only go to the bookstore as a last resort. They have WiFi, tables, and most have a coffee shop built

in but they do have one really big draw back,small kids. Now don’t get me wrong I love children but for some bookstores to survive they have added expanded children sections and started selling toys and offering story times. So depending on where and when you go there could be dozens of little people running all over the place. Also despite the books on the shelves, this is a store not a library so quiet is optional. The biggest plus is that since its a store it is often open later then any of the other public options.

Now these work for me, since most of the time
I go to my clients. Some of you might need the amenities of a real office. (Conference room, Multi-function printer, Chia Pet) However my public offices work for me.

If you are going to use a public office, you need to show respect for that office. If your going to work at a coffee shop, restaurant or book store you are expected to be a good customer. The WiFi, tables, chairs, even the clean bathroom are all an expense that the owner had to take on. So buy something.  I do have a favorite coffee shop, that I like to camp out in. When I do though I make sure that I always buy lunch, and coffee. Also get to know the staff, and remember to tip well. Being a regular has its privileges.

So, do you have a favorite place to work? Is access to coffee just nice or is it a deal breaker? Do you need the quiet of a library or does your brain work better with some noise around you? Please feel free to share your favorite remote work spot maybe I will see you there. First coffee is on me.

Also if you would like some help with the tablet, laptop, smart phone, abacus, sexton, or any technology for any of your offices public, private, home or inter-dimensional please let Lanterns Light LLC know.

photo credit: Natalia Romay via photopin cc
photo credit: sylvar via photopin cc


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