Something I learned from gaming: Be a Tank.

You wish you could pull off the suit and wings look!

A while back I wrote a post about gaming rigs, and I mentioned I play DC universe online. One of the reasons for that post was that there was someone running for the senate that was getting some heat for playing World of Warcraft. 

Now in recent years some of the stuff that we have caught our elected officials doing has been deplorable, but spending their free time online killing monsters is not one of them. When that did make the news I did post on my Facebook that I was a lvl 82 ice tank in the interest of full dis-closer in case I ever run for public office.

I know many of you don’t understand online gaming, and some of you don’t want to, and that is okay. I am not going to start throwing gaming terms at you. Yet I want to share with you the role I play and how it seems to line up with my life and what it taught me.

I am a Tank.  In the game for the lack of better definition I am the “Meat shield” I am the one to get the bad guys attention. I am the one that pulls the bad guys off of my team mates.  My job is to take the pounding so the others on my team can do there jobs.

You are going to get knocked down; Get back up
You’re going to take the first hit, and probably the second and several more during the battle. You are also going to take them in life. In both you have to keep getting back up. It does come down to after it’s all over who is standing at the end.

My friend
Me and Evo

Its about the win not the glory
My role is not what you would call glamorous.  In fact during most of the fights I am in a corner pulling bad guys away from the other players. However without me the others would get overrun. The team only works if everyone is doing there job, mine is to take a beating so the others don’t have too.  I have friends online, seeing them successful, seeing my team win means more to me then me getting the highest rank or the best award.

You can’t buy success
I have met players that have tried to buy their way through the game. They have the money to get extra armor mods, the best weapons and other game items to elevate themselves. I see that in life a lot. Guys that can afford the expensive tools, the best parts. Having all the stuff does not make you a great player, just like having every wrench doesn’t make you a great mechanic or every pot a great cook.  In both you have to know what the hell you’re doing.

I like being a Tank, I like having the heavy armor, I like the idea of no matter what I get hit with I can shrug it off and taunt for more.   It’s what I think I am in real life.
6d73e-logo2013If you’re interested in joining me, my company can help you find or build a good gaming rig, help you with the accessories, connections, and finding the right games.  Also if you find yourself in Gotham City look up Kid CLD I am always willing to help.


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