Why we hate 8!

In the last year, a good chunk of my service calls have been about windows 8, and 8.1.
Now there is rumors about Windows 9 but before it comes out next year I think it’s time to go over just what the hell went wrong. Microsoft has put out another OS that was built broken, another OS that its install disk will forever sit on the shelf next to Vista and Windows ME. Now I know this is not the first (blog, article, stone tablet, subspace communication) written in a negative context for this OS, but I still get the questions about 8, nearly every week.   
1) The Modern (metro) front interface. 
It amazes me that they created a user interface for a phone and the phone didn’t sell. So they decided to put it on everything.  The thing is that it was designed for a touch screen and honesty unless you have a tablet you don’t need or want a touch screen for the most part.  It would be the equivalent of Ford putting a color on a car and almost everyone hating it, then putting that color on all their cars. It just does not make sense. Now it has gotten better, 8.1 brought back a start button and updates after that allowed us to close apps easier however these are all duct tape solutions.

The tiles are just not easy to use, also I swear that charms bar just hops out at you at random times.  

2) The “Apps”

The term App is not an abbreviation for Applications. Where Applications are full fledged programs Apps are mini programs. They are designed to be simple hence they belong on phones and tablets; low power devices. What are they doing on Laptops and Desktops? Why would you use the Facebook app instead of using the actual website? The app makes sense on a cell phone, but not on real computers. It’s the equivalent of using a pocket knife to cook a meal when you have a block full of knives. Yes if the pocket knife is all you got you can do it but I think you would rather have the right tools. Also compared to other app libraries the one for Windows 8 is positively anemic. Also many of my go to apps that I use that are available for Android and IOS are no where to be found in the Windows Store.  To top that off I have not seen a single App for Windows that is impressive enough to get me to switch. 

3) Windows 7 was doing really well
People were still moving away form XP, and Windows 7 was and is doing really well. It was simple and lost the bloat that Windows Vista had.  It also could have served the PC world very well till 2016, with a few service packs.  It just felt like right when Windows 7 was hitting its stride replacing the dying XP systems, MS brings out 8.  Then all hell breaks lose. Then all you can find on retail shelves was Windows 8 and they stayed on those shelves.  (Unless of course you know how to “downgrade them to Windows 7” ) Also it does not help that all of the real improvements that windows 8 had, they could have been added to 7, with a service pack.

4) The Microsoft account
You know I understand what MS was doing. The MS account has some real advantages, including never losing product keys to the MS software you register to it.  However there are some people that do not want to login to there computer.  Every website wants you to setup and account these days, why? So they can data mine it for service offerings and marketing. I have had clients tell me that if they have to remember one more password they are ready to throw there computers out the window. It also doesn’t help that when setting up the OS or the 8.1 update that setting up a local account is a little less then obvious.

Now granted there are people that love Windows 8.  There were also people that loved New Coke, The Gremlin, AMF Harley Davidsons, and XFL football, you are in the minority, sorry.  As for me I recently partitioned my drive to duel boot both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and I have tried to give Windows 8 a chance, I have kept it updated, tried to run my programs on it but I am back on 7, and I think I am going to be there for a bit.

Do you hate Windows 8? Would you like to have your machine downgraded to Windows 7? Maybe you need a new computer and need to know if you can still get Windows 7?  Let us know, we can help.


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