ZOMBIE! (Windows XP is dead, but its still walking around)

Windows XP support ended in April of 2014. Meaning that there will be no more security updates, no more patches to teach the OS new tricks or make your life easier.
It has been mentioned on the news, tech writers have been blogging about this for over a year,  and if you’re still running XP you might be seeing this every time you boot up.

Yet with all this warning, I am still walking into offices and seeing XP machines. So why is this OS still lumbering along, groaning and refusing to stay in its grave and still performing vital functions for my clients?
Windows 8
For most people the easiest way to get a new OS is to get a new computer with it pre-loaded. However with the economy being what it has been the last few years many people and companies have held off on getting new machines till the old ones are completely beyond repair. So when they finally bite the bullet and get the new computers they are coming with Windows 8 which has not been well received. (See why we hate 8!)
So now a company has to incur the expense of  the new computers, but also the time lost in getting their users up to speed on a new OS.  Also it didn’t help that when MS wrote windows 8 or 7, they did not have a direct upgrade path.  Meaning that even if you had an XP machine that could run Windows 8, your only option is to do a clean install. Which means moving your files, re-installing all of your software and reprogramming all of your settings. (Which honestly I actually find fun but I am told that I am strange)
It’s been around for 10 years.
Windows XP has lasted longer than any other OS.  In software terms, that is unheard of. So many of my clients got attached to it,  XP was familiar, they knew how to use it and how to find stuff.  So it has not been easy to get people to let go of XP. Also its been hard to justify getting clients to upgrade to a newer OS when many of them the computer is just an  E-Mail/Facebook/YouTube machine.
It’s just he mentality of  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or “change is bad”
We need this software!
For any industry there is software written for it.  I have seen P.O.S. (Point of sale)  systems written for novelty stores, I have seen proprietary accounting systems for dry cleaners,  C.R.M. (contact relationship management) systems for concrete/stone companies.  If there is someone making money off of something there is a software for it.
What happens though is that a client will have a piece of this software that has worked well for them for years, they understand it, they know how to train on it, and it does what it needs to do.  However it was written for and only works well on Windows XP.
Some instances they can’t afford to upgrade the software or that the new version is nothing like what there use to. Other times they just can’t, the company that produced it went out of business or the person that wrote it has moved on. So many of my clients have the choice of either finding a new program that will do what their old one will and then buying it, training their staff on it or keep using their old software and hope there XP machines don’t fail anytime soon.
So what happens now?  That’s up to you.  Lanterns Light LLC can and will help you learn a new OS, we can help you find a new software solution or get XP to run in a virtual or isolated environment. We can help you, your family, or your company overcome the end of XP, and so much more.
(Also if that doesn’t work I know where to get a crossbow they work good on zombies) 

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