Turning a new computer into your computer

Hulky finding a machineSo you tried a bunch of computers and found the right one for you. That’s great! So now, how are you going to turn a new computer into your computer?

Yes in large business (50+ stations, conference room, Chia pets)  we try for uniformity. By having 50 computers from the same manufacture, same type, model, and specs makes it easier to support.  An IT department can keep a stash of replacement parts they know will fit and can break down failed units for parts.  However for the enthusiast, the home user, or the freelancer we remember that the P in PC is for personal. So my little friend and I went around looking for some great computer accessories to make a new computer personal.

Get Control

Mice and keyboards
click click tap tap.

Yes, if you get a desktop they normally come with a keyboard and mouse.  For the most part that keyboard and mouse is the most cost effective ones (cheapest)  that the manufacture can get.  But there are tons of better options. There are higher quality keyboards that have more ergonomic shapes, that have feature buttons, and built in USB hubs. (Also the cheap boards always have cords that are way too short) A Mechanical Keyboard  I am telling you is joy to use.

Wireless devices are very handy. Wireless keyboards are great for tag team collaboration and for more flexible desk placement. Small wireless mice are perfect for laptops and 2 in 1 machines.(they also come in lots of colors). Trackballs are best for desks that are a little “cluttered”  Its a good idea to find a place that will let you try a bunch. Remember these devices are where you actually make contact with your machine, they should be comfortable.


Monitors and Tv connecitons
Connect my pc, blue ray, PS4 and the toaster!

I am a big fan of dual monitors. Either having an extra to pair off a laptop or having two off a desktop; it is a great way to work, and for under $100 for a decent 19″ monitor its a cheep way to increase productivity. You will find that most desktops will now support having two screens. Also if you have a newer TV, most of them now take computer inputs.  This is great if you need a presentation system.

Anyway you go, take your time and find something that will fit your desk. If not most monitors can be fitted to mounted to the wall or on an articulated swing arm.  Also, be sure it is easy on your eyes because you will be looking at those screens a all day.

Sound Off

Hulky listening to tunes
All about the base!

To some of us, sound is not a big deal. Cheap ear buds or the mini speaker built into a tower is more than enough. However,  others just need there tunes.

Some of us need to fill a room with sound, others just need to have our own little party. A good set of headphones can take a game from something you are playing to something your immersed in.

If you are more a portable type, then small bluetooth speakers are great. Not only will they push out great sound from a laptop or desktop but from your cellphone or tablet.

You Can see ME!

Skype, FB messenger, Face-time, YouTube there are now many reasons to have your own webcam. If you have a laptop you probably already have a webcam built in, but if you have a desktop or want something with better quality there are some great USB easy to install options. So instead of calling far off family and friends you can see them.

Brand new bag!

Plenty of room for the computer, and me, and a roommate!
Plenty of room for the computer, and me, and a roommate!

I think the most important accessories you can have for a laptop or any portable device is a good bag. YES you need an actual laptop bag. I have seen to many laptops beaten to hell by being thrown in cheap backpacks or over sized purses.  Find something that will fit your laptop or tablet snugly and has enough room for your other cables, headphones, USB drives, notebooks, sandwiches, tools, and a spare shirt for when you eat your sandwich and get it all over yourself.

In Closing

No small green people were harmed during this blogpost. Gamma radiation was only used recreationally
No small green people were harmed during this
blogpost. Gamma radiation was only used

My little friend and I had a very productive afternoon finding him some accessories for his new computer. Yes, we could have gone into video cards, external storage, routers, and a bunch of other equipment. But we really wanted to show you stuff that will make your computer easier to work with, more fun to work with, and more comfortable for the user. Also all the items we have talked about can be installed by the end user easily.

Lanterns Light LLC is here to help you find the accessories you need for your computers, and so much more.  I can help you get them installed, configure them to suit your needs, and show you the best software to make the most of them.

I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves.  This is Hulky and he just wants a sandwich.

You can call me.
You can call me.

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