How I post.

Keyboard postingLet’s be honest I am on Facebook, and LinkedIn and blogging to promote my business.  I am hoping that someone will read these posts and think “he knows what he is talking about I want to hire him”. The thing is that every post and every status update can’t be commercial for my business or it just turns into spam. I am not going to do that.  Every post needs to contribute something.  So, here are my guidelines to posting to the Lanterns Light social networking pages.

Useful, helpful, interesting or funny.

I can provide the answer to a simple problem, answer a question, show a better way to get something done the I post it.  I find technology amazing and I like sharing that with people.  If I find something that I think is interesting I post it.  The point is that the posts need to stay on topic, with in the case of Lanterns Light LLC: Southwest Florida, Computers, Technology, small business and a Wrestling promotion that we help sponsor called New Era Wrestling.

I don’t say or share anything online that I wouldn’t in public

You hear about people getting in trouble by putting the wrong things on Facebook. People getting fired for posting beach photos from the days they called in sick, status updates that are nothing but curse words being found by the wrong person, a “private” picture that suddenly became public.  My test is if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it then don’t post it, don’t upload it.  (Just for reference my Grandmother is a 82 year old Irish Catholic woman that thinks  if she uses the ATM she will start another stock market crash. )

I only go negative if I think it can be constructive or help.

We all need to vent granted, but no matter what has upset you or made you angry how you react to it reflects on you.  One of the things that my mother taught me was “That if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.  For the most part that stuck and you will look at my online posts on my Facebook Page, or LinkedIn profile. If I have a negative opinion about a product service or concept I am going to support my argument. Also, will throw in a few alternatives. Last year I had a less then positive experience with employment with another company.  I wrote about it in my previous post in hope that it could educate others that were in my position.

Now I am not a social networking expert, (I know many and I can put you in touch with some great ones). However the most important thing about social networking is that “content is king” How you post, when you post and what keywords are important, but not nearly as important as WHAT you post.

This is how I post. For me it works, it keeps me out of trouble, keeps me on message, and I think it helps my credibility.

With that, my name is Joseph Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves, configure your networks, help you work online and help you get your Facebook account started so you can play Candy Crush with my wife.


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