Why IT guys hate Thanksgiving

You know, I grew up in the service industry. My family ran a small restaurant and most holidays I worked. 4th of July, Easter, Halloween, Towel day all of them, In fact I usually wanted to work holidays cause I made better tips. However we closed up for two holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving. When I got into IT not much changed.  However there was one Holiday that my job really interfered with; Thanksgiving.

The family

Like it or not when you are an IT professional,  you are your families free tech support.  I have had Thanksgivings at my in-laws where I spent most of the holiday securing an Aunt’s wireless network and de-gunking a laptop.

Even when I host the dinner,  my family brings me there ailing technology, or asking me to connect there devices to my wireless, and there will always be the questions that they waited the whole year to ask me (cause email, Facebook and my phone are so impersonal)  Most years I send my guest out with containers of left overs in exchange I get a bench full or repair work.

The office

With the holiday being on a Thursday many offices will also be closed that Friday.  However many IT departments take advantage of the long weekend for projects and maintenance. While everyone else is shopping and enjoying leftovers, many of us have servers pulled apart alone in the building. This can be a mixed blessing, on the one hand you can get a great deal done on the other hand if you need anything or anyone it might be hard to get it.

The clients

Many of my current clients are in the retail and service industry. Some of them never close, and as Murphy’s law dictates, “If it can go wrong it will go wrong”  and usually at the worst possible time. I don’t see a worse time then a busy holiday weekend where getting replacement parts might be a challenge.

Also some of my clients have a bit of a disconnect from the rest of us. After all we live in a global community and Thanksgiving is manly an American holiday. I have had clients call me right as I pull the Turkey from the oven to ask for a service call like it was any other day.

Well I hope you all have a nice (and quiet) Thanksgiving, and let me know if Lanterns Light can help you, (after that weekend of course)


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