Cheap gifts for the Techie!

Card Stand

Yea I know, there are about 4,000 buying guides out there right now.  However 1) I refuse to celebrate Christmas till we’re done with Thanksgiving. 2) This guide does not have an I pad on it.  In fact this guide does not have any gifts that are over $30 and most of it can and might be found at a Walgreen/CVS 11:00 pm on Christmas eve.  That’s right folks! This is the guide you need for the emergency present you forgot or for those gifts for the technologically inclined where you don’t want to spend $1000+ for the new MS surface.


Card StandOkay, I admit it. I do a great deal of my holiday shopping right here at stands like this. Many times I have no idea what people want; one of these and a nice greeting card then, I am usually set.

For the techie: take a look at their phone or tablet. Cards to either the Google Play store or Itunes is always useful.  You’re giving the gift of apps!  If you have no idea what they are using cards to… Amazon or Barnes and Noble will let them purchase E-books for any device, (or they can use them in those building things…stores right?) Cards range from $5-$100.

USB Drives: 

Goofy or fun thumb drives can be nice gifts. The one on the left is Iron Man that I got last year. He lives on my desk now as a Ready Boost drive. Even a normal USB drive is a nice low cost gift. Not personal enough? Load it up with family pictures, free games, software, or Ted Talks. You can get a decent USB drive from $10 – $16 for drives 16gb or smaller. You can find them at most Wallgreens/CVS but you get more of a selection going to an office supply store.


I love my smart phone. There is only one problem I cant draw or write with it. Oh there is nothing wrong with the phone, just my fingers are basically bratwurst attached to my hands, and I got a touch about as delicate as a brick. So a good stylus is a great and cheap gift for someone like me. (Also since they are also the size and shape of a pen so I lose them just about as easy) I do like one that has some heft like this one from Targus that I found at Office Depot. They come in many patterns and I have not seen a touch screen yet that it does not work on.  They retail for around $16.

Charging cords:

Okay this gift is not as sexy as the others.  But I lose charging cords for my phone and other devices all the time. Mostly because I keep lending them out to friends and relatives in need that, FORGOT TO CHARGE THEIR PHONE BEFORE THEIR NIECE’S WEDDING and DID NOT BRING A REAL CAMERA!, and things like that. Most Android phones use a USB micro connection and the Apples (Itune, Ipod, Ipad) use a proprietary wide cable or a lightning.  The best parts about them is that you can find them in allot of places. Including some hardware stores.  Don’t believe me? Click here. See told you. I have seen cords range from $5-$15 coming in all sorts of colors and you can mix and match adapters for the car or a wall outlet.

Earbuds headphonesEar Buds: 

I always need new ear-buds, and I am not talking about those $80-$100 jobs that hip hop artist try to sell. Honestly I am not an audiophile.  I don’t live in music. What I do need is a set that I can take running take to the gym or accidentally leave at the coffee shop and not go insane. Also most of the time when I pop my buds in is to not annoy other people around me who do  not want to listen to MVA lectures.  You can find decent ear buds form $8 -$15.



Okay so now you have 5 affordable gifts for the techie in your life that would be perfect stocking suffers, you can get last minute, and you can pick up as a backup without busting the budget.

I am Joe Serrago I am the owner of Lanterns Light LLC and I want to help you. I will listen to your needs and help you find, setup, and customize the technology to suite you. Not try to shoehorn you into what ever is most expensive.  I am here to listen I am here to help.


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