My company’s biggest secret! (shh…I am small)

My name is Joseph Serrago and I use to be a system admin. Until…..when you’re released you have nothing, no software, no bandwidth, no severance.  (okay, can you tell I am a fan of Burn Notice?)

When I first started Lanterns Light LLC I was told that when ever I spoke as the company I should use “we”. After all, no one needs to know how big the company is.  It was the misconception that potential clients would rather work with a large company with it’s resources and lots of people to help them solve problems.  Yet, the more I worked with the companies of Southwest Florida; I found that “big” was the exception, but not the rule. In fact good chunk of the Yellow Pages around here are companies that are just a guy a laptop and a van.  (I would like to fix that laptop)

Bigger is not always better: When it comes to a technology company  bigger can mean: more techs to handle issues, BIG CO.being able to get parts and components faster and competitive pricing.  Bigger can also mean that you may never deal with the same person twice,  your needs or issues might be lost in the needs and issues of the other 100+ clients the company is handling, and the bigger the company the more procedure (paper work, red tape, bureaucracy) is usually involved.

When you call a small business, most of the time you speak with the chief mechanic, head chief, CEO, or their wife or husband.  When you call Lanterns Light LLC you get me, Joseph Serrago, Head tech, Owner, and head of online marketing (still working on that one).  When my company shows up, you are not getting some random tech that was “available” you are getting me.

You are a client not an issue: When you call a big company you are an auto number in a database, you are an issue. You call a small company you are  “Charlie and his wife Mary, that has the house full of fishing stuff and 4 dogs, who run a plumbing business out their home, who needs good Wi-Fi everywhere on the property because Mary needs to be able to dispatch while watching two kids.”

Every business, every home, every family is different. I want to listen to them solve the issues not just make a quick buck. That’s the reason why I say “Client” not customer.  I want to take care of the people I work for not just sell something and disappear.

Bigger companies have a tendency of  “sell to solve”: Tell me if this sounds familiar, you have an issue and to take it to a big company but instead of solving your problem (or even listening to it) they push new software, or replace the machine.  It’s like going to a mechanic and instead of fixing your car they try to sell you a new one.

Yes there are times it will be cheaper in the long run to replace rather than repair a computer. But I am not here to unload computers, I am not here as a software rep trying to get a commission. I am here for the client and if the issue can be solved with a $10 replacement cable or 15 minutes of router programming then that’s what I am going to do.

Yes I want to stay small: I don’t want to have 50 employees or a giant office. I have seen it before and it is a challenge to Help!-find quality people. Combine that with finding ones that have the skills that I need, that will treat my clients the way I want them to be treated. I would rather be “Micheal Weston” then the CIA.  I would rather be the guy that bakes fresh bread on the corner, then the owner of the wonder bread factory.

My name is Joseph Serrago I am the owner of Lanterns Light LLC and I teach computers how to behave themselves. Give me a call and let me know how I can help.

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