It’s not you, its me. (and my need to get work done)

BingThis is not easy for me.  We have been through allot, I mean you really were my first.  We have gone though many changes, some for the better, but some not.  My needs are different now,  and I can’t ask you to meet them. So I think its best that we part ways.  Now I know we will see each other in passing, but I have found what I needed elsewhere in Google Chrome.

Oh that’s better I am glad I got through that.

Now I am an MS fan that goes back all the way to Windows 2000 server. And with that over the years I’ve used every single version of Internet Explorer. In fact I wrote about it not too long ago that I use all three major web browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer was my primary, however lately Internet Explorer has not been delivering what I need, so I have mostly jumped to Google Chrome. Especially since they recently released a 64 bit version. 

Where are my tools? : Unlike Chrome or Firefox I am not unaware of any system for Internet Explorer to sync. Yes if you’re using Windows 8 machines some Syncing does occur but nothing across platforms, and nothing to my Android smartphone.

The Flash and Java adds-on for Chrome and Firefox seem to perform better than the Flash and Java applications that Microsoft Internet Explorer uses. I have noticed fewer crashes when playing games and “other things”. Also I take advantage of a few extensions. Add Block,, and Hoot suite are all handy ones I use all the time.

BING Because its not Google, is why I am not using it:  Microsoft makes some great products, this is not one of them. I don’t get nearly reliable search results from Bing that I do Google, their map system and even the keyword searches just does not produce what I’m looking for. I’m searching with Google anyway and chrome works seamlessly with it. I do have Bing installed on my phone, (since it does have an android version)  mostly just for laughs.

Bookmarks Yea I need to open more then one at a time: Both Chrome and Firefox have options to open multiple bookmarks at once.  This is handy for me when I want to open up my marketing set, or my social networking or my favorite web-comics.

Could Internet Explorer lure me back? Maybe…after it gets past it stability problems and its split personality it has in Windows 8, and a good mobile version for my android phone would be nice.


Do you use just one browser? More then one? Would you like to find another to divide your digital life or meet your needs. Let me know. I am Joseph Serrago I am the owner of Lanterns Light LLC and I teach computer how to behave themselves. Give me a call or drop me an email and I will be happy to help.


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