Done with Christmas shopping? (me not even close!)

Well we have less then two weeks till Christmas.  Who is done shopping? Yea I thought so. Honestly I think I would rather troubleshoot at 2003 Exchange server then go shopping.  However if you have not gotten your shopping done yet I made a few post this past year that I think have some good ideas in them.

Hulky listening to tunes
All about the bass!

Turning  a new computer your computer. I talked about some great accessories for the PC. It was also an great excuse to take funny pictures with my little friend. Web cams, Headphones, and keyboards all make great gifts. Bluetooth speakers are really hot right now since you can use them with almost any Bluetooth capable laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  If you do go this route though I would get online and buy now.

Thinking about getting someone a new Tablet? In Is it Tablet time I went over my thought process on picking out a great tablet when my e-reader quit on me.  You can find some nice low cost tablets but I would suggest shopping now. Also if a tablet is a little too much an E-reader might be a good choice. Its also a good choice for those that prefer paper to LCD screens.

Dig the wings?
Dig the wings?

Has someone been really good this year and you are thinking about getting them a gaming rig? Take a look at I am Kid CLD and I am here to save Gotham City! :Buying a Gaming PC. In this post I reveled one of my secret identites in DC universe and talked about finding the right machine for your MMO needs. This is one of those big ticket items to do it right.  Let me be honest you can pull this off but you might have some trouble this late in the game. When it doubt get the big chassis. Lots of room to expand down the line.


Stocking stuffers, Last minute, and wont break the bank: My post Cheep gifts for the techie fills that bill. Most of what I list you can get at a well stocked CVS /Walgreens (which some will be open at 11:45 pm December 24th I know from experience). Also you get these for under $30 and they are small enough for stuffers or secret Santa gifts.

I want to wish you luck finding what you need this holiday season. Also if you’re wondering if this was a veiled attempt to recycle some of my older content. You would be right!  As a prize; pick yourself something special this season.

Lanterns Light LLC wishes you all a great holiday season. Also if you find that after the gifts are unwrapped you need a little help getting them installed, setup, or configured.  I would be happy to help feel free to give me a call.

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