You mean the website is getting traffic? How did that happen? (Lanterns Light 2.0)

20140122_131034_AndroidFirst of all I would like to thank all of you that subscribed to the blog.  This was not happening on the original version of this blog and it does show that moving to WordPress was a good idea.  So Thank you, hello, and feel free to take a look around.  This whole thing is a work in progress so stay tuned.

Moving and re-doing the blog/website is part of what I call. Lanterns Light 2.0  I like that idea.  I mean we expect new a better versions of software, why not businesses.  I looked back at the last year and I have some things I want to work on this next year.

So what is Lanterns Light LLC 2.0 really mean?

New thinking: I recently came out and declared that my business is basically meFor a long time I hid the fact that I am a sole proprietor, (freelancer, mercenary, 1 man band what ever you call it.)  For a long time I thought I would lose credibility if my clients or potential clients knew my business was not a giant organization.

New online presence: The company has had a Facebook page almost since it opened.  I have had a LinkedIn profile for years but I never took either that seriously. Let’s face it social networking is time-consuming and honestly there are a tone of them out there.  It’s can be confusing to figure out what message you want to send, how to send it to get the best response and where to send it too.  So we are going to refresh the social networking pages. Of course any of your feedback is appreciated, (along with your success and disaster stories. )

before and afterNew infrastructure: Okay this is just a fancy way of saying that I am upgrading my computers, and moving my primary work horse to Windows 8.1 pro.  Yes I am not a fan of Windows 8,  but I got to stay current to help my clients.  This also one of the resolutions that I made last year. to get a new MS cert the best way to learn an OS is to use it. Building a new server in-house, and working on servers online.

We will be trying some new software for managing clients and their information and explore offering remote support.

Upgrade my head: Along with the new MS certification I have been lately trying to put better things into my head, I found that this past year I have done that by not letting the bad stuff in. Mainly by becoming a cord cutter. I am watching less TV  but better TV.  That means I have more time to blog, research, and build my business.   So now I need all of your help. I want to put good things in my head. I want to hear about your favorite blogs, your favorite sites,  the places and things that you have found that added to you.

I want 2015 is going to be a good year because I decided it will be.  My name is Joseph Serrago and I teach computer how to behave themselves. Give us me a call and I can help.



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