Happy New Year

I originally posted this last year at this time.  Also I wanted to try to re-blog button and see what it would do.  I got to say that I actually did pretty well as resolutions go.   I have been blogging more witch was a big thing for me.  I have lost that “weight” I was talking about, both in my tool box and I did actually lose about 25 pounds of actual human mass.  

I had decided to consolidate the website and the blog to one site.  Right now I am fairly happy with how it’s coming together I do want to add a few more pages to make if feel more “site like”  As always let me know what you all think, and Happy New Year. 

Lanterns Light

I am so glad that
I did not throw these away.
So who wants one?

2013 is over. Normally I would try to reflect fondly on the past year, the advances in technology, the projects I have completed and what I have learned.  This past year has been different, and I have never been so happy to put a year behind me.  My last post. “The Last Three Months” Got a great response.

So after some encouragement from friends, family, clients and after watching the Transformers animated movie from 1985 I have decided to re-open Lanterns Light LLC.
So with 2014 were going with a fresh start, and some resolutions from Lanterns Light LLC that I am hopping that you all will help me keep honest about.
1) I want to blog more.  If you look back at my previous posts you will find that there sporadic, (also please…

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