No! that should not to be there anymore! (Technology that should not be in your office anymore)

RecycleYou know only a select few of us really need the latest and greatest technology.  In fact to save most of my small business and home users money I help them find off-lease, and on-sale laptops and desktops. (I mean they can’t pay me if they spend all of their money on hardware.) However there is some technology that I really think we need to walk away from.  Devices and software that suck up to much time, money and I cant believe are still in place anymore.

Windows XP expired Windows XP : I’ve said this before in previous posts that XP is the OS that just won’t stay dead.  Stubbornly holding onto this OS is not doing yourself, your employees your family, or the universe any favors.  The OS is not being patched anymore so its vulnerable to outside attacks. Also this shows the age of your equipment. If your computers are still running Windows XP, and its their original OS they have gone far beyond the call of duty and its time to retire them.  (If you just don’t want get rid of an old Pc Lifehacker had a few ideas.)

Tape Drives: There was a point where Tape drives where the high-end backup of choice. There was also a time were every man wore a fedora.  The fedora may make a come back but not tape drives.  The tapes do not and will not have the storage needed to back up today’s companies. Also just like old VHS tapes over time they degrade. If your still swapping tapes for your backup needs you have a problem.

Fax Machines: I might have mentioned in previous post that I hate paper okay I might have mentioned it in many previous post I hate paper. The Fax machine is one of those things that many companies think it needs but they don’t. There are better methods and services to get a document from your hands to someone else’s anywhere in the world.  Also as more offices are now going to VOIP (Voice over IP)  and implementing by bring your own device policies letting them working off their cell phones there is really no reason to have a land-based fax line.  Exceptions: Yes there are some agencies and organizations that will only accept and send faxed documents, however this is because it’s all they got. As more and more offices go paperless they will have to adapt. For the two times in the last 8 years I have actually had to fax something, I just got to the office stores.  

CRT monitors: To paraphrase the great Dusty Rhodes “it makes my liver quiver and my back crack”  every time I see a CRT monitor. Mostly my back because a lot of them are heavy as hell. There’s only one reason why CRT monitors are still out there it’s because they still work and someone does not want to pony up the dough to replace them. CRT monitors suck up a lot more power then there flat screen counter parts the only have one type of input VGA and if you’re lucky if they have 1024x 768 resolution.  Also don’t you have better uses for your desk space then a huge monitor with a small screen?

AOL: In 1997 I think everyone had an AOL account. Now that’s 2015 it’s still okay you have an AOL email.  What’s not okay is the AOL Desktop software. I cringe every time I see that Icon. It is not needed anymore I can’t think of a single thing that the software does  the website doesn’t.  The desktop software is an exceptional resource hog.  One of the easiest ways I’ve been able to get more performance of an old computer would be to uninstall AOL. Also if you trying to do business through an AOL email account you might as well stick a post it note on your forehead saying I have no idea how to use technology and I am completely out of date. That may not be a great message to send to a potential client or vendor.

Router Linksys WRT54GS: Ok this guy should look really familiar to anyone who had a wireless network in the last 15 years, In fact this was the quintessential router.  if you wanted a wireless access in your house you got one of these. However in 2015 there is no place for the this guy in a business or a home anymore. They are easily compromised, and they don’t have the performance for the home user (gaming, Netflix, Pandora) let alone for a business.

So take a look around your home or office and if you see any of these things call me.  Because if any of these things are still performing a vital function for you  or your business, at best you are holding yourself back at worst your courting disaster.

ebccc-logo2013I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves. I can also:

  • Get you or your company into current and secure hardware and software.
  • Make sure your backups are up-to-date.
  • Upgrade or rebuild your network from the router out.
  • Haul away your old tech and make sure its recycled and the old data storage destroyed.
  • Make an impressive chicken and sausage gumbo (but that’s another show)

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