You got customers, I got clients! (Yes there is a difference)

20140122_131034_AndroidThe people that I get money from and do work for, so I can continue  to provide my family with the finer things in life, such as high-speed internet and hot water I refer to as clients. I also do work for a few other computer companies and they have customers.  In my mind there is a big difference between customers and clients.

Customers are low touch high volume:  A customer can use a product or service once or a dozen times. The person that is providing that product or service most likely has no idea who the customer is.  Also they usually don’t need or want to know, they just want to get paid and move on to the next customer.  A gas station has customers. They really don’t care what the customer buys, or what they use it for as long as they pay for it. If that customer never comes back it’s not a big deal.  There are always more customers.

Clients are low volume high touch:  A client needs a product or service and is going to may need it multiple times. Clients need to trust the provider, and the provider needs to have a relationship with the client.  Lawyers have clients, they need to know the whole situation to provide what the client needs.  They will also need to get to know their clients to anticipate their future needs and help them avoid potential issues.

We can HelpLanterns Light LLC has clients. I like having clients.  Yes I can and have done work for people and never heard from them again.  Yet when I meet someone for the first time I am not looking for a quick buck, I am looking to become their “IT guy”.  I don’t want to just install a client’s  new printer.  I would like to help them chose what would be the best printer for them, help them find it for the best price, then show them how to use it to make mailing labels.  I want to understand what their business is and how to find the right tools for it,  I want their dogs to like me. (Also I like having clients because I make me feel like Michael Westen)

To make a business successful you either need lots of customers or a few great clients.  So let me ask, would you rather be a customer or a client when it comes to your home computer? To your business network?

I am Joseph Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves, and I invite you to become one of my clients.

You can call me.
You can call me.

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