Surface 3 review: Finally, a cheap Surface you’d actually want (No not really! )

via Surface 3 review: Finally, a cheap Surface you’d actually want.  (No not really)

Review from Engadget shows that the MS surface line is improving. Just not quite enough.  Let me get this out there the whole surface concept I have always thought was flawed.  It’s a niche device that I don’t think has a market to support it. The surface was a reaction to the fact that people who were buying Ipads and then buying keyboard covers for them.

The surface 3 (not to be confused with the surface 3 pro, which it will be) has a few key points.

  • Windows RT is gone so its running a full version of Windows 8.1 (which has its own draw backs see why we hate 8)
  • It’s toting a $499 price tag.  Witch it is the most stripped down model. (meaning its most likely to be returned for the $599 one that actually has specs that would allow actual work to get done)
  • Does not come with the type keyboard (Which is the most important feature) that is another $130.
  • The good news is that it is backwards compatible with the older type keyboards for the previous surface models so if already have one or finding one on eBay might be a more cost-effective option.

Despite these improvements you are still going to outlay somewhere between $200-$300 more then for a decent Android tablet with a keyboard cover, and still get the same issues that Windows 8.1 (and 10 actually) has.  An interface that is confusing, a poorly supported and very lean app store,  and an over dependence on the MS account.

Still I want to end this on a positive, so my recommendations for the Surface 4.  MS get a pen

  • $499 Yes you got the price point right, but wait till the second bullet in this list.
  • Include the type cover in the price.  (see told you) You want this to be an Ipad killer this is the deal breaker
  • 6GB Ram minimum.  (I expect that to be the standard by next year)
  • Include office home and student not 365.  I have heard that the current model might come with a 2 year subscription to 365, but for most users all they really want is Word and Excel and the power point viewer.

That is it. I am glad that the surface is improving but save for winning one as a door prize or getting one from Santa there is not going to be one on my desk anytime soon.  Maybe the surface 5 or 6 at this rate.  What it comes down to is that it’s a device that can’t stand on its own (despite the kickstand) without some very expensive accessories to only get a mediocre laptop experience.  I think I just would rather buy a laptop.

I am Joseph Serrago I teach computers to behave themselves, and if you need a devices with “Surface like” features I will be happy to help you find one.

You can call me.
You can call me.

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