The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of backups?

HomeIt doesn’t matter if your digital world is a 300 station multi-server network or just the desktop in the family room that is mostly used for Pintrest and your kids do their homework on.  Most likely there is something on that machine that you do not want to lose. I know a backup strategy can sound overwhelming but it can be simpler if you break it down like this.

Who is doing your backups?

Who is going to be responsible for restoring them and make sure that they were done and verified?

What is being backed up?

Is it just the server data? Is it just the customer database? The User profiles on the computers?

When are the backups happening?

Can you still work during the backup? Can your customers still get to your site?  How long will it take to back up? How long will it take to restore?

Where is this data being backed up to?

Is it on-site? Are we using the cloud as a backup?

Why do we need to back this up?

If we lost it can we find it? Would it better to re-install it or get a new version? Are we using it anymore?

How are we backing up this data?

Are we imaging the whole drive? Are we just making copies of the files? Do we need to encrypt the files?  Was there a program used to back up the data? Do we have the install disk for the program for when we need to restore?

These points should look familiar they are the “5W’s and H” of journalism (See 9th grade English does come in handy).  Everyone who has data they do not want to lose should ask these questions and  if you don’t like the answers to them something needs to be done about it.  Now the graphic above is just a “for instance”  an example.  Every business is unique and every user different.

That’s where I come in, I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers how to behave themselves. I can help you or your company find a good solution to protect your data.  I will be happy to sit down with you and we can answer these questions together. I look forward to hearing from you.


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