Google Chromebooks score in schools but slow to catch on elsewhere – CNET

via Google Chromebooks score in schools but slow to catch on elsewhere – CNET.

I really like the Chromebook concept.  The idea of a laptop that just access the internet, has incredible battery life and cost as much as a high-end smart phone is really appealing. I think a Chromebook can be a really good alternative to a standard computer in a few common scenarios.

Low PC-literacy users:  I have said it before that many of my clients are older. Most of them don’t want or need some of the more advanced features that a modern computer has.  Basically they want to check their bank websites, send email and see the pictures of their grand-kids on Facebook.  I have had a few clients that have bought computers and left them in the boxes out of fear of breaking them.  A simpler machine that very little can go wrong might be a better idea.

Business:  A Chromebook can be a good field machine.  WiFi is becoming more and more available.  More companies are transitioning from traditional software to web-based solutions. There are fewer reasons to send someone out with an actual computer. A computer that could have company or client information on it.  With a Chromebook everything has to be saved in the cloud.  This means if the Chromebook is stolen or lost you don’t have to worry about a data breach and your company is not out $500-$1200 replacing a laptop.  Also many remote workers need a remote connection to their station at work.  Also I have seen some places (Auto shops, granite yards, wood shops, and warehouses) that are hostile enough that I would rather have a $250 email/web machine vs a $600 laptop.

Kids: Kids love computers. Kids break computers. So giving them something simple and low-cost might be a good idea. Chromebooks can make good homework machines. Web for research, Google Docs for papers and drive to store it all.  It is also nice that they can’t load of World of Warcraft on it.

logo2013Now I know a Chromebook is not a perfect computer for everyone.  But it can be a good light duty, or secondary machine.  If you want to find the perfect computer for you, give me a call. I would be happy to match you, your family, your company or your dog to the right machine.  I am Joseph Serrago and I teach computers how to behave themselves.


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