I want to help you find your Tech! : IT Tech -Joe Serrago

What Computer should I get?

I posted this video on FB and decided to do this. Give me a call, or email me and I would be happy to build you your own spec sheet for the technology that will work for you.  So to start I thought I would go with me!

Spec sheet for my laptopThis user is a road warrior, always moving and never quite knowing where or what environment he is going to be working in. So he needs a machine that can take a bit of a beating, so an aluminum frame is a must.

The mid range size will allow the machine to be used in more locations where space might be at a premium (Plane, car, shuttle craft). Back-lit keys will allow the use of the machine in low light during traveling or if work needs to be done in the dark.

The computer might also go a while between recharges so an extended battery, a SSD (Solid State Drive) , high ram, and a standard rather then a touch screen will minimize the power draw.

The laptop will primary be using business, productivity, and IT specialty software so there will not be much need for storage, however cloud solutions can be utilized to archive projects and files if needed. Also if extra space is required for moving client files, Virtual machines,  the high speed USB 3.0 ports are available for external drives.

The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip will allow the drive to be encrypted to ensure that client and his own data will be protected in case of the machine getting lost or stolen.


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