The 5 android apps I downloaded before I left the Verizon store Updated 2015!

This is an updated version of the original post here  So new year, new phone and a few app changes.

1) Any.Do

This has become my favorite To-do list app. It has a simple design and I can create folder for my different aspects of my life.  I have one for work, personal, grocery shopping and my bucket list. The app has a nice sharing function that allows me to share list with others. (Wife and I have shared lists for our stores, that way she can tell me when to pick up milk)  The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that there is no way to sync it with outlook tasks.  However there is a nice Chrome add on that allows you to manage your lists on your PC. to learn more.


2) One Note

I admit that one of the big reasons I wanted the new version of Android was that I wanted to have this app on my phone.  I use the desktop version of OneNote a lot and being able to bring that up on my phone was a huge help.  All my client notes, my idea books, my recipes.  (Yes I have recipes, no you can’t have them MINE!) I like one note because of its versatility. I can attach audio, video, pictures and texts in notes as ordered and as random as I need them to be. Then later I can always sort them out later on my pc.

3) OneDrive

Yes another MS app.  I have never hid the fact that I am an MS fan.  I had been using Skydrive for a while and its been handy.  Mostly because I can access it not only from my phone but anywhere. I find OneDrive really useful for the tons of small text and pdf files that I have, invoices, receipts, and recently I was able to put my QB file there. Its really handy when a client tells me that they never got the invoice and just be able to hit two buttons and send it to there email right then and there.

4) Office Lense

I hate paper. No I really hate paper.  Even in 2016 I keep getting these little slips of tree pulp with stuff written on it everywhere. I stick it in my wallet and by the time I look at them again I can’t read them. So Office Lense is my solution. I can use my phones camera to turn almost any document into a PDF file, or send it to Onenote (see above)  then I can email it, send it to my OneDrive.  Lense also has settings to capture business cards (will automatically add to your contacts)  and for whiteboards. This is great for stuff that I get on the fly like, receipts, invoices, and those recipes I am hoarding that no you still can’t have.  (stop asking)  The one drawback is that there is no annotation for the files but once they are saved you can do that in OneNote or adobe easy enough.

5) WordPress

Now I wouldn’t try to write my entire blog on my phone. Some people have the delicate fingers of an artist that can glide across a virtual keyboard and can churn out paragraph after paragraph of perfect text.  My hands are more “Wreck-IT Ralph” then artist.  But I do get ideas for these post at odd times, while driving, just before bed, and I can get the draft of this idea down even just the title that I can flush out on my pc later.  Also its fun to be able to see what comments people write.  (Yes I do want to hear from you. Keep it clean please my mother reads this).

All of these apps are for free or have free versions and are available in the play store.  Now I have many more apps installed on my phone, but these 5 were the ones I use everyday and I needed with me as soon as possible. Also I kinda wanted to see how many apps I could get downloaded and installed before my wife was done asking questions.

How about you? Let me know what apps you need on your phone or tablet. Also give these a try let me know what you think of them. I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves. Including android devices.

Yes you can call me.

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