I want to help you find your Tech! : Writer-Tim Jacobs

Tim Jacobs computer profile

What Computer should I get?

Thinking of a new computer, probably a desktop – right now running everything through the laptop. Question – Mac or PC? Right now I use PC and always have.

Posted by Timothy Jacobs on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My friend Tim Jacobs needs a new PC and here is what I worked out for my friend the writer.



Tim Jacobs computer profileThis user is wanting to replace an overworked laptop. He works as an independent, so the machine will also be suitable to do some light accounting, layout and design work. He spends a great deal of time both typing and researching.

The ram and hard drive do not have to be extraordinary, since the full size form factor will allow for easy upgrades down the line if needed. The larger tower will also support the large number of back USB ports that required for his many accessories.


The PCI video card is optional, because most new desktops can support two monitors. However, I recommend having a PCI card; it will take the load off the processor, and different adapters or crazy cables will not be needed. Also it means consistent settings across both screens, meaning a sharper display and easier on the eyes for longer periods of reading.

I also recommend USB driven speakers so the user can enjoy his iTunes library since he will be losing the built in speakers that were in his old laptop. I like USB driven speakers since they don’t need an extra AC adapter taking up an outlet.

I always recommend a UPS for all desktop machines for the protection of the data and hardware. Especially here in FL since we are known for active storm seasons.

Some other thoughts: The client should think economy on the tower itself and splurge on the peripherals. Since most of what he wants to do can be done on any decent desktop built in the last 2 years. A mechanical or an ergonomic keyboard and a wireless mouse might be good add-ons since the user is going to be typing so much. Also the mouse and keyboard that will come with the new machine will be the most “cost effective” ones that the manufacture can provide.

Even though he expressed some interest in switching to a Mac desktop I would strongly advise him to stick with a PC. Transitioning to a new environment can be a challenge and since he earns his income off this machine he will be spending a good deal of time finding things vs actually working. Also, a decent used Mac desktop is twice as expensive as a PC with the same specs.
Lantners Light card with contact infoIf you need help finding the right technology for you, or your business let me know I can help.  I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves.



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