Site rebuild

New Site re-build

What happened to the site?

I decided to start over.

Lanterns Light has made some changes, and I have learned a few new things about websites, SEO, and how much you all seem to like Chewie. (Everyone loves Chewie)

The old site was not doing much for my business. It was there and that was about it. In fact there was so much wrong with the site that instead of trying to repair it, it made more sense to back up everything and start over.

The site at the time of writing this is still a work in progress so please feel free to visit often to see new features, watch the pages develop,  make suggestions, and to hire me to take care of your IT/Computer needs. (Also feel free to visit often cause I need the traffic.)

Where are the old blog posts?

I will be re-posting some of the blogs. They need to be updated, cleaned up, and check the spelling.  Also the posts need new graphics with better descriptions (That SEO thing). Also there will be new posts based on some of the videos which there will be new ones and I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact me at

Who is this?

Image by Shock777 

This is Chibi-Joe.  Anyone that has seen the Facebook page or the Twitter feed has seen him before.  Good likeness isn’t it. I met a very talented artist and she was good enough to create this guy for me.  She is open for Chibi commissions is anyone is interested.

He comes fully equipped with a tie, usb drive, and his own Chewie in his pocket.

So what else is new with Lanterns Light?

We have relocated to Downtown Fort Myers FL. All that means is that I have a new place to plug my laptop in and pick up my mail.  My work will always be out taking care of my clients.

We will be adding new services and adding new products, and I am always up for trying new things.

As always I am here to help.  I am Joe Serrago and I teach computers to behave themselves.

Contact Lanterns Light today if you need any help with your technology.






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