App Wednesday :Feedly

Feedly Screen shot

App Wednesday is a feature where I will be reviewing and talking about apps that I have personally used or tried on my smart phone or Tablet.  All of these apps I am not getting paid for promoting( dammit) but I am sharing to help you all in work, life, and plans for world domination.

App Wednesday: Feedly

A big part of what I do means I need to stay informed. I need to know about the latest hardware, software and how the creative people in the world have used them to solve their problems.  That way I can use those ideas to help all of you.  To get all that information, I needed to visit several websites.  That also meant getting hit with tons of obnoxious adds, and wading through several different website formats (not everything needs to be a slideshow) to get to the information that I wanted. (I know everyone needs to make a living we all have car payments and Wookie chow to buy but it’s getting ridiculous)
So I started using Feedly.  Feedly is an RSS reader that can pull information from many websites together.

What I love about Feedly

Feedly is easy to navigate, an on the apps easy to share and post content to my social media platforms or to share them to One Note or Evernote.   It gives me the information I need without having to jump from site to site, and lets me pass on what I don’t easily.
I love the fact that I can see the content without getting a ton of adds being dumped on me.   I like the fact that I can see the headlines and the short summaries deciding what is worth reading and what is a pass.  Not every provider will give you the full text, but usually enough to see if its worth it to visit the site to read the whole thing.
It highly customize able  letting you set the font, where to start when opening the app, and the different views to see the content.

What I eh…

The web version is not nearly as polished as the apps.  To share to certain social networks you need to have a subscription, also to share your collections, or ingrate it with Buffer, or Hoot suite.  Its not a really a big deal for me since I usually look at this thought the apps.
What I read? Below is a screen shot from my laptop showing an index from my feeds. If there is any that you that you think I should be looking at I am open to suggestions. Feel free to contact me.

Feedly Screen shot

Feedly is available online at  and has apps for both Android and for IOS devices.

I am Joe Serrago and I teach computer to behave themselves. Let me know if you have any apps you think I should try or would like some help with your technology. Call Toady. 


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