Lanterns Light: What, Why, and Why again.

I’ve never understood “about” pages on websites.  Most of the time a user is going to know what the company is, what it does, and where it serves long before you get to the website.  But for the sake of SEO and site mapping, and keyword indexing here we are.  (if you want skip down to the bottom I don’t mind) -Joe Serrago

What is Lanterns Light? 

Lanterns Light LLC is a small computer repair/ IT solution provider. We serve the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the surrounding cities.  That means I fix computers, remove malware, install upgrades, teach people how to use technology and figure out how to use email.

I help home users when there PC is slow,  help when the PC’s crash.  We build networks, install software, find solutions and help people understand there computers  and help the computers understand people.

Why Lanterns Light?

The “P” in PC is for personal, many companies forget that. When I was in corporate IT we pushed for standardization. The reality is that every user, every client every business is unique, and has unique needs. Your tools, (computers, printers smart phones) should make your life easier.

“I teach computer how to behave themselves”

That means that I want to help my clients find the right technology for there needs,  make sure it set up correctly, repair it when it breaks and show them how to make the most of it.  I am not here to sell computers, or throw money at a problem.  I am about finding solutions using technology and helping people stay safe and truly enjoy working with it.

But why “Lanterns Light”? (The name)

There is a superhero that I always admired.  He was not born on another planet,  he was not cursed, or was victim of an accident, or bitten by a spider or exposed to gamma rays. He was a normal guy with normal problems that was given a tool. The tool could create anything, anything that the hero could imagine and it was as powerful as his will.

The Green Lanterns real weapon was not a power ring, it was only a tool. His weapons were will and imagination. My job is using my will and imagination to solve my clients problems, to show them new ways of doing things, and help them lead richer digital lives. I am a Green Lantern, its just that my power ring is the PC.