Woops“What did you do?” 


“Then where is all the stuff? Where are all the pages, the pictures, the links, where is everything?”

“I am sure it’s around here somewhere, check under the bed?”


Here is what actually happened.

I have often told people that I treat my site like some would treat a project car.  It was always more about me having something to learn on, something to fiddle with, something to experiment with than something that was actually useful.

I have gotten offers to rebuild the site, even have a college that would give me my own space on it’s servers to host it.  Just I keep coming back to this.

  • I like the interface.
  • I like that gives me just enough freedom to create but not so much that I can actually break my site.
  • I like the fact that I can post from the app on my phone.

Is it perfect? No.

  • There are some features I would like to add but they are only in the most expensive plans, and as in cable TV it would mean a bunch of stuff that I would be paying for that I don’t want, need or will use. (I would love if everything was a la carte. Yes I will take the Google Analytics and the advanced social media but you can keep the video press, Oh and the steamed broccoli with garlic, please.)
  • It’s a dual editor, one almost cartoon-y and the other like a real control panel. I guess they have both to appeal to both left and right brains?

Marketing is not easy.

When you run a small business you wear many hats, but marketing is more like one of those Viking helmets with the horns. It’s more impressive than comfortable.

Just dealing with the online portion of it there were so many tools and moving parts.

So you need a website, then you need to feed it fresh content so you blog, then you need to figure out what to write about, then to get people to come to your website you need to do social media, then figure out what to post, and when, so you will need something to schedule the posts, then use another tool to gather the stuff to post and another tool to collect email addresses so you can ask people to come to your website.  All of this to get the phone to ring.

So here is the plan.

  1. Revert all the pages to draft (There still there and will be back after I pound out a few dents)
  2. New website template (Why? To quote my mother “I am tired of looking at it” Don’t worry Chewie and the Chibi characters are not going anywhere.
  3. Blog “What happened” (Here we are…hi)
  4. Create/update pages and blog about each one.  (This is where it gets meta it gives me a chance to highlight each page and then show it off.)
  5. Update the old Blog posts then Re-Share ( I don’t want to just trash the old content. Why? Because dead links hurt a site more then almost anything.  Also this lets me correct a few spelling and grammar mistakes…
  6. New Blog categories / tags (I sometimes forget that I can write about more then computer repair and technology. )
  7. Chewie blogs (He asked nice)
  8. New landing pages for Home automation, Mesh WiFi, Google Docs, and office 365 etc.)
  9. (Still working on it)
  10. ?
  11. Profit.

Is this the whole plan? Probably not but we will add more as we go.

What else is different?

Since I started my business I have always had the issue of personality vs professionalism. I went into this thinking that I needed to present that I know what I am doing. This meant writing, posting and basically carrying myself as a “Professional” Dry, textbook like posts (Go ahead you can look) the site needed to look sharp so did I. You read enough business blogs and tech sites you start feeling that if you show any slice of personality, humor or lets face it humanity your not going to get hired.  Basically I needed to be a robot.

Yet people responded to those brief moments where I was a person. I could slave over paragraphs of  well thought out text, about technology but more people would respond to this.

This was Chewie’s first appearance. It was also going to be his last, till I saw the response. People buy from people. They buy from people that they like, know, and trust. So the more me I added the more response I got.

Time to relax.

There is a reason why I went months between posts. Its because I hated doing it. Updating the site writing, the blog was a chore. The more I learned about blogging and how people did it, the rigid schedules,  the planing, the more it became this massive undertaking.

But what if I just relaxed.  Not worried about making everything perfect and just create.

“Is that going to work”

“Chewie, I have no idea.  I have tried it there way, and it was going to give me a stroke with the stress. ” 

“Yea but there the experts.”

“All I know is that I got to trust my instincts, and I have been ignoring them too long.” 

“Is that what that sound is?”

“No that’s my stomach lets go get lunch”