Ask! and you shall be answered. I get asked these questions quite often, and I am open to expanding this list so if you have any questions let me know:

Chewie and Joe Serrago are happy to answer your computer questionsQ: Where is you office?

A:  I provide on-site services to my clients, so my office is mostly a place to get mail and plug in my laptop. I do have a small office in Downtown Fort Myers.

Q: Do you make websites?

A: Oh hell no.  There is a reason why this site is on and there is a reason why I combined it with my blog. SEO, HTLM, and interface design are all separate disciplines. Also I can’t make things pretty.  A website, a good website that gets your customers, or readers attention takes good design and the right people maintaining it, feeding it content, and keeping it online.

Q: Do you offer remote support?

A: Soon!

Q: Do you support Macs?

A: I know my way around an iPad, and the iPhone. I have done some Mac work. However I do know some great Mac only pros that I can refer.

Q: Do you have an office?

A: Yes, in fact I have several, as I explain in this blog post. but for the most part I would rather do our work on-site for the clients convenience. Also depending on the issue there might be an environmental factor. IE: You might not be able to print because of the printer, the router connecting both devices, conflicting WiFi signal, or a the wrong driver on a print server. It would be impractical and heavy to carry all that to me.  It does not matter how well a computer works on the test bench, it needs to work where the client needs it.

Q: What kind of computer should I get?

A: What do you want to do with it?  Do you just need a Facebook/email machine?  Are you running a business? Writting a novel? Teaching your children? Teaching yourself? Are you traveling with it? Every user is different but  sit down with me sometime and we can find the right machine for you, or your business.

Q: Why “Lanterns Light”?

A: Click here and I will tell you that story.


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