No Lanterns Light has nothing to do with lighting, but if you are wondering how a computer company got this name I suggest taking a look at the about page.

What does Lanterns Light do?

Lanterns Light provides computer support, repair, installs and many other services. See the links below for more detailed info.

Chibi Joe ready to goOnsite Service ($97/hour)

Some issues can only be solved by seeing the whole picture. So I go to my clients. Why waste the time, energy, and money to haul your equipment to a shop or a store? When I can come to you.

Also some equipment is easier to move then others.  (Ever try to move a whole network? Not fun)  So Chewie and I are happy to come to your home, office, warehouse, space station, or even meet our clients at coffee shops. The goal is what ever is going to work best for your life or your business.

This also give the client the opportunity to ask questions and gives Lanterns Light the chance to teach and show the client how to use there technologies and software. That way you can get back to work or play as quickly as possible.

Bench Services (Flat Rate)

Sometimes we are going to have to take the desktop, laptop, or equipment back to the office.  Things like building or rebuilding a computer (OS reload) or installing complex software is easier in a controlled environment. Also work like this is sometimes required large downloads and a great deal of time just waiting on the machine. You shouldn’t have to pay for a tech to be waiting in your home or business so we bring the machine in.

Need something bigger? (or not sure what you need)

If your not sure what you might need feel free to contact me. But if you are looking for something more complex and are not sure what to do next? Then I would suggest the link below call Projects.