I got my start with networking! Terminating Cat5e jacks in one of the first companies that I worked for.  The Net+ was my first professional certification.  So this has a special place near my hub.

You Need a network.

What company or home only has one computer?

Lanterns Light can build, maintain, expand, and sometimes untangle your home or small business network.

Some of what I do

  • Trace, label, and diagram networks
  • Install and configure NAS (Network attach storage)
  • Server configurations
  • Configure WiFi
  • Connect printers so the whole home, office, or fortress can use them.
  • Setup remote access to your files, your computers, or other devices.
  • Configure stations
  • Custom services.

I know some of these things sound complex. See the Projects page for more information about how Lanterns Light can help you understand what you need and how we can help you.