I fix Computers

Yes I know this page is a little obvious, since the big reason you are on this site is that you need either IT support, or computer repair, but for the sake of the few people that are here for other reasons (Hi Mom)  Here is what I am talking about.

Replacement damaged hardware

  • Hard Drives
  • Video/Graphic cards
  • Sound cards
  • Ram
  • Power supplies
  • Network cards and Modems

All repairs are done with NEW parts and the warranty’s and rebates get attached to the client.

OS- Reload (Flat rate $135)

This is a complete computer re-build. This can be more cost effective then a long repair process. Also this can be a good option , witch includes:

  • Full image backup of computer (if possible)
  • Capture licences of software
  • Reformat and reinstall the OS (same version system is licensed for)
  • Full updates including free Anti-virus
  • Reinstall of software
  • Import of documents and other files.
  • Reinstall of rebuild machine and connect network and printers.