Setting up a new wireless network is always fun. No matter how many times I do it, it still feels like magic to me connect computers together without having to run cable.

WiFi for your home

You should be able to work, play, research and stream anywhere in your home, no matter if its a small two bedroom apartment or a three story multi family estate.  Lanterns Light can setup a wireless network so your family can…

  • Stream Netflix or Hulu to a smart TV.  WiFi for your tablets so you can work where you want.
  • Connect game consoles like the Xbox one and PlayStation 4
  • Allow you to work from your patio, your kitchen, or bedroom or garage on any tablet smartphone or laptop
  • Allow you to share a Printer so your family can share one device and be able to print from any wireless device.
  • Keep your network secure
  • Show you how to add new devices quickly and easily (for when family and friends visit or you get new tech)

WiFi for your business.

If you have a home office, retail space, restaurant, factory, laboratory, machine shop, space station, or just a rented office space Lanterns Light can create a network for you that can…

  • Provide free secure WiFi for your guests
  • Separate secure networks for your staff, security cameras, and equipment (Point of sale stations,  Warp cores that sort of thing.)
  • Extend networks for large distance and wide areas (Warehouses outside events)
  • Private networks for executives
  • Bridge wired network equipment so it can be where your business needs it work, not where it can get a cable.

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