My name James J. DeLuca, I am an R&D Sr. Development Chemist with EnVont Nanotechnologies
LLC. We are a world leader nanotechnology company that produces an Environmentally friendly
product. Our formulations are synthesized through a very involved proprietary chemical process that
demands the highest quality of process control and analysis. We are so confident in the IT systems
designed, installed and integrated into our Company IT system. We can trust that our intellectual
property and formulations are secure in what we like to say is our “Ft. Knox Intellectual property
database”. Lanterns Light LLC has provided not only a secure system but has went over the top when it
comes to multiple user integrated access of information and thus they provide the necessary IT tools to
get the job done. We believe that the definition of Quality is based upon mutually agreed upon
requirements not only with our customers but also with our Support teams such as Lanterns Light LLC.
EnVont nanotechnologies is building a foundation for the Chemistry of the future today and we count on
Lanterns Light LLC to help us usher in this environmentally friendly, safe and effective “Water Based
Nanotechnology-Chemistry” to the world at large! Thank you Lanterns Light LLC for your Precision,
Accuracy and above all Honest and Loyal service.
James DeLuca
Sr.Development Chemist
EnVont LLC